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Special Investigations Unit
    Claims Advantage is a member of International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU). Our qualified special investigations unit will review your claim file and recommend an investigative strategy based on our past experience. We tailor the background to fit your specific needs so that all your questions are answered. We will also work hand in hand with your attorney to make sure you have everything you need before going to court. Our investigators are also available to testify in your case if the attorney determines it’s necessary.
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Insurance Fraud
    Do you have an INSURANCE CLAIM that seems suspicious? There is a possibility that the claim is fraudulent. An insurance fraud investigation will get to the truth of the matter. Our clients often find that it does not take us very long to get to the truth. We will find out whether the claim is legit and present you with evidence. Many times, this involves obtaining very detailed statements and or photos / videos, but you can be sure that we will get what you need. Contact us today is you have suspicions that you are being taken advantage of.
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Tax Fraud
    Tax fraud involves avoiding or evading taxes owed to the government. These investigations are usually very research intensive. They often involve hours and even days looking at databases and financial records. Whether you suspect tax fraud, or are being accused of it, our fraud investigation services will bring the truth to light. We are committed to helping our clients through some of the toughest times in their lives. Click the button below to assign a tax fraud specialist to your case.
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Why choose our Fraud Investigations Unit


Full or Ltd Investigations

Our professional investigators come prepared with over 30+ years of fraud investigations experience.



Our investigators will conduct discreet surveillance using state-of-the art video, photography, and covert equipment to help document fraud activities.

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