People go missing for many reasons. Some people run away on purpose because they simply do not want to be found and others are missing due to circumstances occurring that are completely out of their control such as kidnapping. Then there is the case of a runaway, which is usually a teenager who is dissatisfied with their home life or might be a victim of abuse within that home.
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  • Missing Persons Investigations can have suspicious and non-suspicious circumstances relating to each individual case. Examples of such cases are kidnappings, runaways, fugitives, and investigations of people going missing after 48 hours. Locate Investigations are conducted to locate a person and provide the client with the most up-to-date information regarding them. Typical subjects include relatives, lost loves, friends, etc.
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  • In the case of a missing person, there is also a lot we can do. If a loved one has been missing whatever their age and reason, our private investigators will do everything in order to find them. We consider every case as different and treat each case individually. We have conducted many cases into missing people and runaways and each case requires total dedication.
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The other issue with juvenile runaways is that they might get drawn into something dangerous or illegal. The Internet has also made it more difficult for the police to track people down as there is sometimes no record of who your teenager has talked to, unless you are able to access their social network pages or email accounts. The dangers out there can be scary for a parent and the longer your teenager is missing; the more difficult it will be to locate the missing person quickly.
Missing Persons Recovery

Patience may be a virtue, but when it comes to missing persons, you shouldn’t have to wait. While we always encourage you to first notify the police, hiring a private investigator through Claims Advantage will get you immediate and effective assistance. And in many instances, our staff of former law enforcement professionals can act as a liaison between you and the police, improving communications and results.




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