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Infidelity happens every day in the United States
    Americans born in the 1940s and 1950s, who grew up during the sexual revolution, have the highest rates of infidelity. Twenty-four percent of men aged 60 to 69 say they have cheated on a spouse, compared to 16 percent of women in the same age group. Infidelity peaks among men aged 70 to 79, of whom 26 percent say they have cheated, compared to 13 percent of their female peers. Eleven percent of women aged 18 to 29 say they are guilty of infidelity, the Institute for Family Studies report finds, compared to 10 percent of their male counterparts. Our team of professionals have conducted numerous investigations with great success.
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True Signs of Cheating
Infidelty Investigations

If you suspect your parent or spouse of cheating then you may have noticed some of the following actions in the last number of weeks or months:

  • Being secretive about things
  • Working later and later at night
  • The affection in your relationship is different
  • Less money available or strange or unusual charges on the credit card bill
  • Using the telephone in a different way
  • Dressing better than they used to
  • Using another phone that you were not aware they had

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